Travis William

Lead Vocalist- Rhythm Guitar

10/2/20231 min read

Entertaining Fans for a Lifetime

Born and raised in Colorado, Travis William began his love for the music industry when he was 14. He started out as a dancer, touring with a national act which lead him to an R&B group where his vocalist dreams began. He later received advice to pursue country singing and writing.

Transporting from Atlanta to Nashville, he pursued a career as a singer and songwriter. In a new place emersed in all facets of music, he had many mentors showing him the way, and gained some notoriety as an accredited song writer. Many lessons were learned during this time helping him in his future projects.

Returning from Nashville back to his hometown, he created a band called Shadow Mountain. They were very popular, gaining a large following locally and regionally. Playing some of the largest venues in Colorado, this band was on the edge of a breakthrough.

As life changes, Travis took a few years off from performing on stage. Later he would create 2 alternative rock bands and join a rock cover band. This solidified and showcased Travis’ versatile talent and love for all genres of music.

Now, back to his roots, his dreams are still screaming with Kentucky Straight. Comprised with some of the best musicians in Colorado, he cannot wait to see how far this project goes. Years of instrumental talent mixed with Travis’ vocals, Kentucky Straight is sure to be a well-known authority in Country Music!