Dave Taylor


10/2/20231 min read

Blame it on Texas!

Dave’s path in music began at an early age. As a young teenager, piano lessons, school orchestras, and early bands with friends propelled him into a vision and goal of being a musician for life.

Growing up in Southeast Texas (Beaumont), he was influenced by a wide spectrum of music - soul, R&B, rock, country, pop, zydeco, mariachi, and jazz. Beaumont and the surrounding area has been a hotbed of musical greats - Johnny and Edgar Winter, Janis Joplin, George Jones, Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd, and others.

He entered college as a music major, studying theory and composition, classical music, and focused on bass as his main instrument. During that time, he played in a number of regional bands working in large clubs and venues and recording studios.

After moving to Colorado in 1990, Dave slowly entered the music scene and has since played in a variety of bands and venues in the area. Also during this time, past recordings of songs written or co-written by him were found and used in popular television episodes, movies, and even a Miller Lite commercial!

He is very proud to be with his fellow friends and musicians in Kentucky Straight!