Cory Linn

Lead Guitarist

10/2/20231 min read

Playing Guitar since birth!

Cory Linn has been playing guitar for 37 years and has performed in a surmountable amount of venues and in numerous states, including Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming, to name a few.

From an early age he found influences in Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Rick Springfield and many bands including Motley Crue, Van Halen and Prince. From these influences Cory was inspired to start his own bands beginning at age 13!

Over the decades Cory has performed in both original & cover bands, such as Calling On Will, Shotgun Lullaby, Still The Same (A Bob Seger Tribute), D.J. Bridwell, Double Wide and Lendon James.

Cory is a talented player, writes a lot of his own music and works as a studio session player for artists and bands throughout the region. He is excited about combining his love for rock & country guitar in performance with Travis William & Kentucky Straight!